Luke 20.38 declares He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to Him all are alive.images

Every religion seeks to answer the question concerning what happens to humanity after we die. Why does this question plague us so?

The educational institutions from grade school through graduate school tell us there is no God. The media confirm this belief by their incessant promotion of atheism and all things antagonistic toward a God Who Created the universe and will hold His creation accountable to His will.

Yet we cant seem to shake the notion that there really is a God and someday we will see Him when we leave this life. All people from all time in all places of the globe have held this nagging question and have created various answers to it.

So why the question and what does happen when we die?

If there really is a God then it only makes sense that He would be eternal, no beginning and no end, that seems in a nutshell the very definition of God.

Secondly, as eternal He is alive and therefore would be a ‘Person.’ Actually, the Bible teaches we people were made in His likeness, His image, which inherently gives meaning and value to all people regardless of color, competence, gender or wealth.

Since this God is eternal, and since we are created in His image we too have this innate desire to live forever, and therein lies the answer to why this question plagues us. Yet we die.

Biblically, we die because we are born with a DNA antagonistic toward obedience to God. We cannot live with the Eternal One with such a DNA. Therefore we must be born again and receive a new body that does not have such a DNA and that is capable of eternal life.

This body will be given to those who made the choice to love God and obey His commands while living in the body with the bad DNA. This answers what will happen to us when we die, at least for some.

Those who deny God and refuse to humble themselves in submission to His commands, which are actually quite simple: love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves, will also live forever but according to their wish to be separated from God.

As God separates these people from Him eternally they will live eternally in torment and suffering for without the presence of God and His love, His goodness, His grace there is nothing left except torment, pain and suffering. This too explains why so many of the other world religions have this result in their adherents even in this life.

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