What Identifies Christian Parenting?

Luke 1.80 observes the child grew and became strong in spirit.image

The goal of Christian parenting is to raise godly children.

Its an outcome parents don’t control which means success or failure are not entirely dependent upon the parent. Children, like parents, are given the ability to choose for themselves which god they will serve.

Parents are God’s agents for moving the odds in His favor if they are faithful to obey His commands and teach them to His and their, children.

How can we give our children the best chance for understanding and then following Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord?

First, we must raise them to honor and obey their parents. The fifth command, and the only command given to children, is for them to obey and or honor their parents. This work must be done well if these children are going to grow up obeying the first command which is to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Children who grow up disobeying their parents will become adults who will disobey God.

Spanking is the Biblical means for correcting young children to teach them to obey and honor their parents. This means of child training has been highly criticized and disregarded by pagan psychologists for nearly 50 years now with the result that most Christian parents ignore the Biblical teaching on child rearing.

The millennials are the most self absorbed generation yet raised; our culture is deteriorating at a greater and greater rate. Why? Obedience to God is not first priority among a people who grew up not trained to make obedience to parents first priority.

Second, parents must become diligent instructors in the commands of God for teaching their children even as they demonstrate a submission to those commands themselves.

The profound ignorance of Scripture among Christian parents today makes teaching God’s Word to their children impossible. The hope that the Church can adequately fill this need is likewise impossible and demonstrably so as evidenced by the increasing numbers of young people rejecting Christianity altogether.

If we want Christian kids, and certainly God wants children who grow into adults who love and serve Him first and foremost, we must teach our children the ways of God which are wise and healthy for our living both now and in the age to come.

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