Where is the Judgement?

Ecclesiastes 8.11 explains because God does not punish sinners instantly, people feel its safe to do wrong. images

We are fools to think the Watcher of our souls does not see the evil we do. We are fools if we think the Righteous God will not judge us equally for the evil thoughts and feelings we have held against others in the same manner as the evil deeds we have actually done.

God is not appeased by religion nor fooled by our appearances of being good. The Creator and Judge knows the depth of our thoughts and sees into the hidden regions of our souls and will hold us all accountable for living, thinking and doing according to His good commands.

So why does He then allow so much evil to be done in the world and to exist within our own hearts?

His patience awaits our repentance for He is not willing to cast even the most vile sinner to hell if he would repent and seek the mercy of God.

The Creator and Father of all grieves over the suffering of His people but He has prepared a place of eternal bliss for those who love Him. That place cannot be entered by the evil person but only by those who have been cleansed, forgiven and restored to God the Father through Jesus the Son.

This place, this fallen planet where people rebel against God daily is where we must begin our journey of restoration.

Evil people continue their evil deeds but are allowed to do so in the hope that they all will one day seek forgiveness so that they too can live with the Father forever on the new earth.

God will hold each person accountable for all their evil unless they have been pardoned through Jesus the Savior; these have been set free from the judgment to come but may face the consequences of a lack of judgment today.

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