Who Determines What God Requires of Us?

John 4.22 proclaims, you Samaritans worship what you do not know. We worship what we do know, because salvation is from the Jews.

One of the most offensive things a person can say today is that there is only one true religion, one true way to heaven, one true God. People become offended by this because they feel it is offensive to other people. However, these same people do not seem to think that believing and advocating for many ways to heaven and many gods to get there might be offensive to the One True God. Why do we think the One True God is copacetic with people creating whatever path they choose to get to Him?

Doesn’t this mindset make people greater than God because they are the ones who chose how to get to God and what that God will require? When God was with us as one of us He had no difficulty telling someone their religion was wrong. The One True God has determined what He requires for people to do and to please Him in order to enter into His eternal dwelling place. God makes the rules because God alone will judge people by those rules.

God will not bend to our demands but those who have bent their knee before His demands will be accepted by God. God offers us salvation, pardon from our disobedience and acceptance into His family forever, but these things come on His terms according to His ways and are not negotiable.

We can either do life God’s way or do life our way, but only one way will be acceptable to God on that day, when we meet Him face to face, to give an account for the way we have lived.

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