Who is this Jesus?

2 Timothy 2:8 describes Jesus Christ a man, born into King David’s family; and God, as shown by the fact that He rose againimage from the dead.

The Trinity is wholly unique within Christianity. No other religion, not Islam, not Hinduism, not the Jehovah Witnesses, not Mormonism nor Buddhism make that claim that God Himself became and is both God and Man.

Why is this one truth so important to Christianity and so despised by Muslims, Witnesses and Mormons particularly?

It is imperative for Jesus to be Man because it is humanity, all of it from all time, that have sinned against God and must be punished for that sin. No one lives in obedience to God all the time from birth; all of humanity has rebelled in thought, word and deed against the holy One Who commands we be holy as He is holy.

Therefore man must be punished for God to be just. A perfect God requires perfect justice resulting in eternal condemnation for all humanity unless one man can live perfectly and become the sacrifice for all humanity. This is exactly what Jesus did, a perfect man who was tempted in every way as we are but was without fault – ever!

He must also be God too so that as Judge He can pardon the disobedience of all humanity based upon His own sacrifice. As God and as sacrifice He has fulfilled His requirement for justice and therefore is alone able to impart mercy to all those who come to Him alone for their eternal forgiveness.

This is why we cannot do good works to get to heaven. Only the work of God in Jesus is sufficient for satisfying God’s justice. The Judge of all mankind will base His pardon on His work not ours.

We must appropriate His work by faith through repentance and asking for the forgiveness of our sins. Our eternal pardon is something only God can do and only God can give and He has done so by being both God and Man for all those who believe and seek His pardon.

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