What is Your Purpose?

2 Timothy 1:3 declares my only purpose in life is to please Him.image

Why was one man so productive in the work of God? He had one aim.

This shouldn’t be surprising to any of us. Many people are successful in this world for the same reason. The Olympic athlete and the billionaire business man are probably the best examples of having a singular focus combined with dogged determination to produce the desired end.

Most of us just aren’t that committed.

We are content to be weekend warriors and living comfortably. In the things of God too many are content to attend Church weekly and try to be good during the week, whatever that means. What if our eternal living conditions are determined by our current stock piling of eternal treasure? What if God meant what He said about storing up for ourselves treasure in heaven and that He plans to reward each person according to their return on investment of His talents given to them?

What could we do in order to be more productive for God demonstrating a greater life purpose to please Him?

First, we have to know Him and His desired ends. Success is the desired achievement of a goal. God’s goal is the reconciliation of the world to Himself through Jesus the Savior. If we would be productive in the eyes of God we must make our first objective the reconciliation of people to God through Jesus.

Second, God designed the process for accomplishing His work to be a team sport. Each person has been assigned a specific function within the body for effectively making Jesus known in the world. We must seek God to understand our role then join to others who are on a similar mission. Though the harvest is plentiful the workers are few so finding like minded passionate followers of Jesus whose mission is to please God by giving themselves wholly and fully to His work will not be easy.

Third, we have to keep ourselves in the best possible spiritual shape in order to be at our best in the work of God. This means reading and studying the Bible, praying earnestly, and practicing obedience vigorously so that we can be depended upon both by God and the Church to do our part.

The work of God is the true purpose of the Christian life, how committed are we to this destiny?

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