Why all Religions Can’t get us to Heaven

Matthew 7:14 warns small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.images

This generation finds offensive God’s instruction that He has only one way for entering heaven. It seems more fair, more loving, more gracious for all religions to be acceptable to God so that all people can get to heaven.

The problem with this thinking is that it ignores the love of God and the sacrifice God made for saving people.

The love of God is manifest in His desire that we all come to know Him personally like a father. He tells us when we pray to call Him Father. As our Father in heaven He doesn’t wish for us to be confused about who He truly is for then we would miss the intimacy with Him He truly desires.

The world’s religions teach vastly different understandings of Who God is resulting in confusion and disobedience to what the One True God requires.

God has one way to heaven because He is One God and there is no other, all the other gods are false and lead people away from His true love and our understanding of His love.

Second, God dealt with the evil of humanity by offering Himself as punishment for that evil. His sacrifice paid the penalty all humanity deserves for disobeying God. Having fulfilled His own requirement, God is now free to pardon all the evil all those have committed who come to Him seeking a pardon for their disobedience.

If all religions take people to the same God and the same heaven then God had no reason to offer Himself as a sacrifice for evil. Christianity alone, through the teachings of the Bible, instructs people that man cannot earn their way into heaven by being good but must surrender to God admitting they are bad.

Christianity alone teaches humanity needs a pardon from God for all their disobedience and this pardon is given freely by God through Jesus the Savior to all those who humble themselves before Him and ask His forgiveness.

All this being true, many still refuse to believe it fulfilling God’s warning that few indeed are those who walk the road that leads to life because they will not humble themselves before Jesus alone.

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