Drawing a Line in the Sand

Matthew 12:30 observes whoever is not with Me is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Meimage scatters.

On occasion in the gospels, Jesus, God Who has become man, throws down the gauntlet and demands we choose sides. This passage is one of those times when Jesus invites us to separate ourselves into wheat or chaff.

What does it mean for us when God demands we choose but we refuse to even engage the discussion?

It seems like if there really is a God and we really do believe in Him then when He throws down a challenge we would trip over ourselves trying to meet it. If there really is a God and we really do believe in Him then we must expect a day of reckoning between us where our lives will be measured according to the will and ways of God.

Since we act as though this day is irrelevant it must mean we either don’t believe in God or we don’t believe He is serious about His will. It is like our minds are foggy about God and His will for us so our behavior is lethargic toward His ends.

The story of God and humanity begins with His work of creation. We then rebel causing death and destruction in ourselves and the world. God comes to restore us to Himself purchasing by His blood those who follow Him in obedience.

This restoration is the great work of God and the great mandate for His people.

In this teaching Jesus, God visible, states that those who are not actively engaged in the work of restoration are actively engaged as a hindrance to Him and those who are involved in this work.

Most of us would argue with God on this latter point. We would argue we are basically good people, doing the right thing, trying to make a positive impact on our world not at all hindering the will or work of God.

Yet God says if we are not gathering we are scattering.

God wants people to know Him and He has committed Himself to those who do know Him to further that information to the world through their passion and sacrifice to that ends. God has made Himself dependent, in a way that only He can, upon the obedience of His people for accomplishing His will.

This work must garner our best attention, talent and time or else we will find ourselves distracted by other things leading us to making no impact for God at all.

To leave our day of reckoning rewarded we must focus today on restoring people to God through Jesus Christ lest we suffer His rebuke.

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