The Secret of Heaven

Matthew 13:11 Jesus taught the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to imagesthem.

With an ideology that God loves everyone so everyone is welcome in heaven, the idea that God is withholding information about heaven from some and revealing it only to others is frightening.

Certainly the Creator loves everyone He has created. Absolutely God wants everyone in heaven.

Regrettably, He never gives the impression that everyone will be in heaven despite His love or desire.

Some people, the majority apparently for the way is broad and many are on the road leading away from God while narrow is the way and few are on the road that leads to heaven, refuse to humble themselves so that they can get to heaven on God’s terms.

Since the Creator makes the heavens and the earth and is the only One capable of giving eternal life, He gets to set the entry requirements.

It is with amazing audacity that we think we will reprove God for how He has decided to determine entrance into heaven. Do we really think we will convince God of the error of His ways on that Day He decides our eternal destiny and it doesn’t go according to our preference?

The Bible teaches that God knows those who are His, by inference, He also knows those who will reject Him. Therefore God gave specific information to His chosen disciples and left the rest with a vague uncertain understanding of God and His Kingdom.

It seems like God would have been crystal clear about heaven while He lived among us as one of us but instead He choose specifically to be vague and unclear so that those who would reject Him would remain confused and uncertain rather than hostile and argumentative.

Those who loved God and were submissive to Him would begin to understand God and His plan for their life especially with the advent of the Holy Spirit.

God is amazing in that He chooses not to be so clear to us, rather He invites us to pursue Him, to seek Him with all of our heart and mind. Those who do go after Him in this way find Him.

Perhaps this is why few are on the narrow road.

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