Job 2.10 asks shall we receive only pleasant things from the hand of God and never anything unpleasant? images

Job was a very blessed man who loved and obeyed God. The devil told God Job only loved Him because God so richly blessed him but were Job to suffer, like everyone else, Job would curse God.

God allowed the devil to steal Job’s wealth, kill his children and destroy his health yet Job did not turn away from God.

Job did not expect a broken world to always result in blessing toward him or that God would always keep him from harm while many others suffer. Unfortunately many Christians do not have the same perspective as Job but rather think like Job’s friends who saw blessing and curse a result of behavior that was good or bad.

While God loves to bless everyone, obedience to God is its own blessing just as disobedience to God brings its own curse.

Our view of God’s sovereignty causes us to see God as minutely engaged in all of our circumstances and able to manipulate those circumstances toward our good if we could just somehow convince Him to do so.

God can do anything and He is aware of all or our circumstances but He also allows people, demons and nature choices the consequences of which are sometimes bad. Therefore bad things do happen to good people in this world because the world has rejected the Sovereign rule of God so we feel our own powerlessness to control our circumstances completely.

The Christian response to life is to love God and do His will regardless of cost or consequence because we know, is going to return and recreate the heavens and earth and when He does there will be no more death or sorrow or pain.

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