Worshiping God isin’t About Religion but About Relationship

John 4.24 describes, God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth.

One of the ways we know there is a God is that humanity from all time in all places has worshiped a god. The Bible explains this propensity as the One True God placing within us a deep knowledge that our Creator lives and beckons us to Himself.

The Bible also says we are born broken in our knowledge and relationship to our Creator thus our means for worshiping Him becomes distorted, dysfunctional or remains in disinterest. The means we use to worship God is religion. Over the centuries religion has been misused, abused causing many to be confused about Who God is and what He wants from us.

People worshiped the religion rather than the person to Whom the religion was supposed to help them connect with. This was the state of humanity when God made His visitation among us to describe to us Who He is and what He truly desires from us. God says He is Spirit.

It is why He says we must be born again of Spirit in order to live forever with Him beginning with heaven but culminating on a new earth where He will live physically with all those from all time who have truly loved God. God is Spirit so His people must be Spirit born, Spirit filled or Spirit connected. It is being born of the Spirit that transforms us from mere humans to children of God.

God told us to call Him Father when we pray. He gave us this good news to tell us that He desires a relationship with us: a deep and personal relationship. We can still use religion to help us worship and connect to Him and one another but God is concerned primarily about our relationship with Him and one another. The One True God did not come to earth to establish a new religion with all kinds of rules and rituals.

God came to earth to restore a broken relationship so that we would once again look up and cry, ‘Father.’ This cry would come not from ignorance but from a relationship, a relationship with Him through His Spirit made possible by His Son.

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