Blessing Rather Than Burdening God

“You have wearied Yahweh with your words. But you say, “How have we wearied Him?” In that you say, “Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of Yahweh, and He delights in them,” or, “Where is the God of justice?”” Malachi 2:17 LSB


The Lord was irritated by His people for two things they were saying that reflected either ignorance or rebellion against His written commands. First, they called people good who were directly violating His commands. This would be our modern equivalent of those in the church claiming those engaged in the LGBTQ+ lifestyle are moral and right in the eyes of God. While all sin is condemned and no sin is more significant than another, all sin must be repented from, stopped in our lives, and spoken against by our mouths, if we are indeed disciples of Jesus who obey everything He commands us. Abortion is another area where some in the church believe it is a woman’s right to ignore God’s command to protect all from conception. Our words that communicate our convictions are to be in concert with God’s commands, or our words are a burden to Him and worthless before Him except to be held against us on that Day He judges all men for every word men speak. Second, we blame God for the lack of justice and righteousness we are experiencing on earth. This wearies God too, for it is the responsibility of His people as His stewards on earth to do justice upon the earth. As God is not responsible for the evil occurring, it is not His angels killing men, so it is our responsibility to do justice on the earth, for it will not be angels who help men but men committed to God who will do what is right before men. If we would see justice on the earth, we must do justice. God defines justice as obedience to everything He has commanded. If we were not a burden to God, we would speak according to His word and obey what He commanded us to do.

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