Proverbs 11:29 promises whoever brings ruin on their family will inherit only wind.images

Any male can marry and procreate but not all males become men, especially men who lead their family to greater generational impact for God than they themselves experienced.

There are at least three key ingredients to impacting our families for greater good than we experienced.

The first is our role as teacher and instructor in the ways of God. Fathers who wish to avoid inheriting the wind lead their children in the reading, studying and applying of God’s Word, modeling a life of submission to God and His wisdom. God’s Word leads us to the Living Word Who is life abundant and life eternal. When our children are firmly connected to Jesus their future is secure.

Second, fathers who strengthen their families protect their families from those things that would destroy their families. The culture provides a constant barrage of godless and God doubting propaganda. To build generations of God lovers fathers must model and enforce a life and home where the influence of the media in all its forms is minimized. This means we too must avoid those internet sites that take us places we shouldn’t go so that we can properly protect our marriage and our children’s future.

Finally we must provide for our children’s spiritual and physical welfare. An inheritance is the result of excess accumulation. If we are to leave an inheritance that impacts the future we must dedicate our resources to that end, resources that give a greater return than the investment to obtain them. We need to spend time and money for the moral and spiritual development of our children whether that means; camps, schools (including home school), vacations or whatever will help build the deep moorings of a strong foundation in Christ.

Being a man of God means leading our families spiritually, protecting our families morally and providing for our families practically with the goal of our children becoming greater lovers of God than we ourselves have become.

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