Does Dishonor of God Really Bother Us?

Ezekiel 9.3-4 describes, the Glory of the God of Israel ascended from His usual place above the cherubim-angels, moved to the threshold of the Temple, and called to the man with the writing case who was dressed in linen: Go through the streets of Jerusalem and put a mark on the forehead of everyone who is in anguish over the outrageous obscenities being done in the city.

How many people would be marked by God today who grieve over the dishonor so prevalent against God in our society? So many grumble about the lawlessness. So many shake their heads at the violence but who is in anguish over the godlessness we see in the news daily?

What does anguish look like? It looks like heartfelt prayer to God for His Spirit to return mightily to this land and convict us of sin, righteousness and judgement so that we repent and obey His commands. It anguishes over the lack of respect God receives in society and is pained by His removal from the public venue.

It weeps over the murder of so many because so many have not heard how much God loves them. It grieves that so many have not understood how God demonstrated His love for us all by dying on the cross for us and how they could be restored to God and humanity by faith in Jesus through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

This anguish that is for God and from God is proven by actions that restore people to God. Those who truly anguish over the sins of the world are diligently working to share Jesus with the people of the world beginning in their families and workplaces.

While our grief begins by looking up to God in prayer His response will be to move through us to people in order to restore them to God in Jesus which is the answer to the problem. Those who are truly saddened by the poverty of godliness in our culture are working daily to bring the wealth of God in Jesus into the lives of others to make them rich.

So, would you receive God’s mark for being one who grieves as demonstrated by your prayers and actions?

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