Luke 20.35 promises those who are regarded as worthy will share in the resurrection. images

Who is worthy to go to heaven? Most Christians would answer no one when we measure our lives of disobedience to God’s commands against His requirement for perfectly obeying His commands.

Then will anyone go to heaven? Most Christians would answer many will go to heaven for God pardons all the disobedient who come to Him humbly seeking such forgiveness for breaking God’s commands.

Is that all that is required for getting to heaven? Most Christians will answer, ‘yes’ for the thief on the cross who was crucified alongside Jesus the Savior did no more than this and was promised eternal life in heaven.

Yet Jesus, Who is God, made clear that His expectation for those who are not killed immediately following their asking of His pardon, are to deny themselves, take-up their cross daily and follow Him.

Jesus said the evidence of those who love Him is obedience to His commands. Jesus said those who love spouse, family and wealth more than Him are not worthy of Him or His kingdom to come.

Do we believe that God expects all those who sought His pardon after receiving His forgiveness to then continue living as criminals?

Does it make sense that God Who pardons men will accept the pardoned who never changed their ways from that for which they sought pardon?

Christians must examine their lives to see if they are living a life worthy of the God who pardoned them so that upon their meeting with Him they hear Him say well done good and faithful servant.

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