How to Know God Better

Isaiah 43.10 describes ‘You are My witnesses,’ declares the Lord, and My servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He.image

How do we get to know God better and more personally is the universal question among those who truly believe in God. Religion provides a means to that end sometimes and in some ways. The disciplines of Bible reading and prayer are certainly helpful to knowing God better.

God wants us to accomplish our objective so has given us two clues for knowing, believing and understanding Him.

First God states that we are His witnesses. How can we witness to Him of Whom we barely know? As we show and tell others what we do know of God, as minimal as that might be, He gives us more revelation about Himself. God seems to respond most quickly and clearly to those who are engaged in His mission by faith and with dependence upon God and not themselves.

God even warned that those who were ashamed of Him now would find Him ashamed of them upon His return. Jesus called His disciples His witnesses. Those who have been with Him are to tell others what they know of Him that they in turn might come to Him and learn more from Him themselves.

Second, God says we are His servant. A servant is busy about the Master’s business, getting His work done His way for His glory. We come to know God better when we serve God faithfully with the little He has already given to us. More is given to the one who uses what He has not to the one who waits for more before using any.

Jesus called His followers servants, servants of God and servants of humanity in order to draw them toward God. Doing good for others is foundational to the Christian life and should be a daily practice.

What is the result of these two activities, witnessing and serving? We will know, believe and understand God better.

This information comes to us as we are taking action by faith that He Who commanded us ‘to do’ will show up to help us ‘get through’ in order for more people to love God.

We are to move forward by faith in God with as much information about God as we have at the moment.

God shows patience with the idle but He rewards those who are diligently doing His will.

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