Who is Your King?

Judges 21.25 records, in those days Israel had no king. Each man did what he considered to be right.

Not much has changed in 4000 years or so. People are people with the same propensities from generation to generation and from nation to nation.

It is because our origin is from God through His creation of one man and one woman from whom all the peoples of the world have their beginning. This ideology is unique to Christianity and explains why in precept, not always in practice, Christianity stands alone in its teaching that all people are created equal regardless of gender, race, income or intelligence.Christianity also teaches that our ancestors rebelled against God resulting in the successive transfer into our very DNA, a natural propensity to reject God and elevate our self. Simply put, we begin with no king and each one does what is right in our own eyes. The infant child teaches us this truth as they move through the toddler years into adulthood. Parenting is the hard work of instilling values that will harness the natural rebellion in order to produce people who love their neighbor because they love their God.

Christianity is the recognition that God has come to earth in a Man in order to set the table for His return as King. While He was recognized by a few foreigners as a king upon His birth, the God-Man was rejected as king by the people who were looking for His arrival.

While men thought they had successfully killed this king they were sorely mistaken when after three days He rose from the dead appearing to more than 500 people over forty days. After this He ascended to heaven from where He promises to return again not in obscurity as a servant-sacrifice but as a triumphant King and Judge of all humanity.

This time He will stay upon the new earth with all those who have also been given new bodies to live eternally with God in their midst, whom all will recognize as King of kings and Lord of lords. Until His return, the Church works to encourage people to stop doing what is right in their own eyes but instead humble themselves before God to do what is right in His eyes.

If we live based upon our own interpretation of what is right then we in essence make ourselves god. If we reject the Bible as something written by man so that we do what we think is right instead of what it teaches as right, we make ourselves god. If we reject the Church because we believe all religions are the same and are made by men, choosing instead to live how we decide is best, we make ourselves to be god.

The One True God allows us to make these choices but He will not be persuaded by us that we were correct in our thinking on that day when we meet face to face. The One True God has told us what is required from us and recorded for us so that all people in all places for all time can know what He demands from us so that when we meet Him we are without excuse for obeying His will.

The question everyone answers by the way they live their lives is who is god? Themselves or the God-Man Who lived 2000 years ago and promises to return again?

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