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How To Overcome Evil

“Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.” Romans 12:21 CSB


This verse rings of God’s words to Cain, saying that sin crouches at the door of his heart, waiting to devour him, but he must master it. Sin resides in our flesh, our feelings, which demand that we please. Not all feelings are evil, but neither are they pure, for they have been corrupted by this sinful nature we possess as bodies. Even love is corrupted. We lust in addition to love. We allow our love to grow cold. We love conditionally. We love specifically. Our love is not the same in breadth, depth, unconditional, or sacrificial as God in Jesus, Who commands us to love Him and love one another the way He loves us. This is true because our nature is not like His, Who had no sin because He was not born from the seed of a man, though He came to us through the womb of a woman. How, then, are we to resist and deny the evil desires that plague our souls and born-again Spirit? We do good. What is good? All things God commands are good. Busying ourselves with doing God’s will in loving others, serving others, giving generously to help others know Jesus, see Jesus, and obey Jesus will keep us from having time to gratify our sinful natures. We defeat evil, not by trying not to do evil but by doing good constantly, and then we don’t allow evil to take place in our lives. We are to do God’s will at home, in the marketplace, when we play, and when we work. We are to do God’s will with our children, our neighbor, and before the stranger. We are always to love, serve, and give toward the cause of making Jesus known verbally and visibly through everything we do and say.

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