Life Is Hard. Man Up!

“Get ready for a difficult task like a man; I will question you and you will inform me!” Job 38:3 NET


God says to Job, Man Up! What did that mean? It meant preparing yourself for battle and getting ready to do something that requires strenuous effort. In the Hebrew, God said to gird up your loins. To place his robe in his belt so that he could run and move freely for the task at hand would require his total concentration and ability. Paul would later state something similar when he told us to throw off every encumbrance that keeps us from following and serving our Lord and Savior. God told Job to get ready like a man. A man is to work hard. A man is to do hard things. A man is to battle. A man is to exert himself. A man is to sweat. A man is to bleed. A man is to use that greater strength God gave to him to provide for and protect the women and children God blesses a man with for building His kingdom inside his house and outside in the world. The man is to work for God, focused on doing the will of God, with the people God has placed in his life, beginning with his household but extending to his church and world. God’s work, including standing before God like Job, to hear from God, requires men to take action, to get up, to man up. Men must resist passivity and complaining. They must get up earlier to meet with God and focus more earnestly on doing the will of God, laboring more so in the day doing the will of God so that the kingdom of God becomes more firmly established on earth as it is in heaven. Men feel best and are at their best when they are fully exerted doing their best which is pleasing God and accomplishing His purpose through them. We so desperately need men today to man up!

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