Listening to God

Hebrews 2:1 warns us to listen very carefully to the truths we have heard, or we may drift away from them.image

We have a powerful propensity to forget. Its not just us, it’s an age old malady that has been part of human history.

The things we forget are those things that are good and true, the great works God has done for us, the kindnesses we have experienced.

Each new crisis seems to shut off our memory of past deliverances causing us to cry out anew for God to help and to heal. Likewise in the moment of our temptation we forget what God has commanded and instead begin to rationalize our actions based upon our own wants and desires.

This is why God often says to His people, ‘remember,’ or in this case, ‘don’t forget.’

The key to memory is repetition. Athletes and soldiers know this to be true, they call it muscle memory. So too those who must memorize large blocks of information do so by repeating that information to themselves until it is locked into the memory.

Most of us are not as disciplined as the high performance athlete or the intellectual elites, but we don’t need to be.

We can listen daily to the voice of God by reading the Bible. This should be our daily habit: wake up and greet God in prayer then listen to God through the Bible. Doing our best to read daily His Words forever recorded in His book keeps us from drifting away from His will.

God has also provided His people to encourage, remind and instruct us according to His ways. These people come to us in the host of media options available to us. Books, radio, television, blogs, the list is nearly endless for listening and learning more about God and His ways. We should avail ourselves of these gifts after spending time ourselves in God’s Word.

Finally we should meet frequently with those who like us are interested in knowing God and obeying His commands.

The Church in its entirety is also God’s provision for us to remember His ways by listening to each other encouraging one another toward understanding and applying the will of God to our lives.

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