Getting Better

Hebrews 5:14 encourages we become better Christians and learn right from wrong by practicing doing right.image

The assumption Scripture makes about those who claim to have placed their faith in God as their Lord and Savior is that they will be faithful to obey His commands. Somehow a disconnect between belief and obedience has crept into the Church allowing people to believe in God without surrendering to God’s will for their lives.

When God lived among us as Jesus He commanded that those who would be His disciples, those who would believe in Him as Messiah/Savior, would take up their cross and follow Him. The taking up of the cross is the surrender of self-will in order to perfectly obey the will of God.

This was what God modeled for us as man in Jesus, the absolute surrender to the will of God over the will of self epitomized by Jesus’ statement in the garden, ‘not My will but Your will be done.’This statement is to be the refrain of every Christian. Obedience to God is a process that is developed over time and by consistently doing the will of God. We begin our journey with God not as good people needing a slight tune-up but as rebels needing a new life.

This new life comes from Christ and works itself through us from the inside out. God begins within us reshaping our hearts and minds so that our words and deeds become increasingly more reflective of His nature, character and ways.

We learn God’s will through the regular consumption of God’s Word. We do God’s will through the regular practice of obedience of God’s Word. The Word of God and knowing God and obedience to God are all inseparable and must be pursued by the child of God.

The world will only experience the true nature of God to the degree the people of God live as Jesus lived. Jesus made His food the Word of God and made His purpose only doing what His Father commanded.

We must go and do likewise spending as much time as possible in the Word of God so that as much of the Word of God as possible might be manifest through our application of it in our lives and among others, especially those who are still trying to find God.

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