Marriage, the Most Holy Relationship

“Seize the foxes for us, The little foxes that are wreaking destruction on the vineyards, While our vineyards are in blossom.”” (Song 2:15 LSB)


Marriage is the most holy of all relationships among humanity. It is most holy for it is the one designed by God to provide the most physical and practical likeness of His relationship with humanity through His church. When people see a man and a woman joined by marriage they are to see God reconciled and joined to His people. So a man loves his wife as Jesus loved the church, unconditionally and sacrificially. A woman honors her husband like the church honors Jesus the Lord, obediently and reverently. The church produces new disciples for living forever in the kingdom of God even as the marriage produces physical children, the very ones who will live forever in the kingdom of God should they come to love Him and surrender to Him. This is why God hates divorce, it so decimates the process for producing godly children, both in marriage and in the church when it splits, fights, and insults one another hindering greatly the work of discipleship among the children of God. The little foxes are those things we allow into our marriage and into our church that cause us to drift from loving and serving one another, from the purpose for our marriage, and from the work of our marriage and our church; godly offspring. We must constantly look to Jesus to lead us and guide us for better loving, better serving, better honoring one another so that our relationships remain growing, strong, and healthy for producing godly lives our entire lives by working together with the strength and gifting God provides. We must guard and protect our marriages while simultaneously cultivating and nurturing them so they last our entire lives even as we who are in Christ shall live forever with Him Who is our Head, our God, our King, Jesus the Savior.

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