Obedience is love

2 John 1.4 observes finding some of the children walking in the truth.

When the Apostle John wrote his letter to the ‘elect lady’ he observed that some of her ‘children’ were walking in the truth. In the days when the church was persecuted code words were used to describe it.

Most scholars believe the elect lady John was writing to was a local church and her children were the people comprising that church.

Like then, not all who attend church live the Christian life. What separated those walking in the truth from those who did not?

Obedience to God’s commands is the yardstick by which Christians are measured. God has always used obedience to measure our love and devotion for Him.

If we truly love God we will do what He asks us to do and to know what He asks us to do we must become diligent students of the Bible and regular attendees in the school of prayer so that we can hear His voice move us toward personal application of those Scriptures.

The number of Christians who spend consistent time in Bible reading, study then prayer are extremely few which explains the wide diversity in Christian living and thinking.

When there is one God and one Holy Scripture and one standard to live by it would seem like the adherents would all be in unity and indistinguishable in character from one another. This is exactly the will of God for His church when He prayed we would all be unified as the Trinity is unified and when He describes His church as a body with Jesus Himself as the head.

If we would show ourselves true Christians then we will be true students of God who diligently apply everything He has commanded us.

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