John 14:23 reveals I will only reveal Myself to those who love Me and obey

God loves everyone but God does not treat everyone the same.

God loves everyone as He demonstrated by coming to earth as a man to die as a sacrifice so that all humanity might be pardoned for all their evil done against God and one another. Yet not all of humanity will receive God’s pardon nor will all recognize Jesus as God the Savior while they continue in this life living selfishly and ignoring the commands of God.

It is only those who love God as demonstrated by obedience to God that see God and experience His presence in their lives.

Many who claim to be Christians struggle to encounter God deeply or regularly. Yet the habits of these same Christians reveal a disconnect from God by virtue of their ignoring His commands either through study or application.

When asked how we should pray God began His instruction by stating we are to look up and say, ‘our Father in heaven.’ This instruction indicates that God wants a deep familial relationship with His created beings.

Yet God is holy and perfect in being requiring all who come to Him to both recognize Him and approach Him as holy. This means honoring God by our obedience and coming to Him by virtue of our pardon through Jesus the Savior.

We do not demand God come to us on our terms or for our ends but rather we come to Him because He is God and worthy of our worship and He is Life so we need Him for living full, meaningful, peaceful lives.

We approach God through Jesus the Son and not based upon our own merits for all of us fall far short of living God perfect lives.

If we would see God and experience more of Him we must apply ourselves more diligently to seeking God through the Scriptures so we know what He requires and then applying those commands to our lives demonstrating our allegiance and love for God before God, men and angels.

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