Why Pray?

Luke 18:1 declares Jesus told His disciples a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer and to show them that they must imagekeep praying until the answer comes.

Prayer is a mystery to most of us and therefore a difficult thing for us to consistently engage. On the one hand we think God knows everything so why should we pray?

Because God told us to pray doesn’t help us become more motivated to pray, we need a more compelling answer to our question. Because God modeled a life of prayer doesn’t help us either, we tend to dismiss some of Jesus’ activity because He is God and we don’t believe we have any chance of measuring up to Him anyway.

So why pray if God already knows everything anyway?

Prayer is a means of mobilizing the power of God from heaven to earth.

God has chosen by His own sovereignty to limit His influence by allowing men and demons to have their own will in the universe which keeps the appearance of His will from occurring. God’s will, will be done, yet He commands we pray that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Satan mocks God that humanity has little regard for or interest in God and His ways upon the earth (we see this illuminated in the book of Job). Yet God always has a few on earth who deeply love Him and enjoy His presence daily. These are the men He points to and calls upon for great and noble deeds like Noah, Job and Paul. No doubt there are many more unknown saints who pray, connect and engage with God and in His holy war for human hearts.

The principalities and powers in high places offer resistance to the will of God but their power is broken through the consistent prayers of God’s people (Daniel 10 illuminates this reality).

It is an amazing and noble work to pray consistently and fervently until the work of God is done on earth.

We believe ourselves too ignoble, too insignificant to be of much value to the business of building God’s Kingdom upon the earth. We believe this lie to our own loss, to God’s loss and to the enemy’s gain.

Faith is believing God’s Word is true and acting upon it without assurance of the result but with full assurance in Him Who promises to reward the faithful.

Prayer is engaging the will of God as commanded in the Word of God until all the world acknowledges the glory of God.

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