Proving we are Children of God

3 John 1:11 reminds us that those who do what is right prove that they are God’s children; and those who continue in evil prove imagethat they are far from God.

In Christianity, getting to heaven is easy, at least for us, but living as though we are residents of heaven is hard. God made getting to heaven easy by offering freely a pardon to us through His Son Who sacrificed Himself as payment for us.

It cost God His most precious possession to secure His most precious creation: His Son for you and me. For those of us who believe God, He has given us the right to be declared children of God; forever forgiven and forever sealed for spending eternity with Him in heaven and upon the new earth.

Christians don’t have to do anything because everything that was required for getting into heaven has been done by the Son and has been credited to those who humble themselves before God in submission to the Son of God Who is Jesus Christ the Lord.

Many therefore claim to believe in the person of Jesus, the work Jesus accomplished and the pardon God offers all who come to Him but then live like they have always lived before they believed.

Those who execute their goals first envision in their minds the ends they are seeking to create. In essence, they believe it before they accomplish it. Christianity is to be lived in a similar manner.

We are to see ourselves as children of God then live as the Son of God lived. As the Son was perfect so His siblings are to be perfect. As the Son loved, forgave and served so too all of God’s children are to be in the business of loving their neighbor as themselves, forgiving those who sin against them and serving humanity without regard to cost or response.

The world wants to see God before they believe in God. God chooses to reveal Himself through those who believe in Him by using His children as His hands and feet to the world. This is not a very efficient means of revealing God since we are prone to wander and often look very little like Him Who did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Nevertheless, it is the way of God that the children of God reveal the nature of God through their demonstration of His work and character, in this way we prove there is a God and that we are His.

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