Sharing Jesus With People Can Get You Hurt

Luke 10.3 warns, On your way! But be careful—this is hazardous work. You’re like lambs in a wolf pack.

I find it ironic our God would say, be careful. Our prayers are offered in hopes that we wouldn’t need to be careful, that He would be watching over us to protect us so that nothing bad happens to us. Isn’t that the point of our prayers? Especially, when the prayer and the work is centered around doing His will!

God’s work is hazardous because His people are like lambs among wolves. As wolves eat sheep so the pagan tends to persecute the Christian whose purpose is to help them understand the love of God in Christ Jesus so that they repent and become born again, children of God.

While many in North America who ignore God show little malice toward Christians the same cannot be said for many Christians in the world who live near IS and their ilk. More Christians were martyred in the twentieth century than in all other centuries combined.

Why the hate? The message of God’s love for humanity is offensive because it begins with our responsibility to love God and obey His commands perfectly. This failure and impossibility for living perfectly, makes us dependent upon God for mercy. God desires to grant us mercy, but we must humble ourselves before Him, ask for mercy, and receive His pardon through the sacrifice of Jesus the Savior alone.

One way to peace with God – God’s way. Offensive when we want to earn our way to heaven without God’s help. Those who help others understand this message are to do so meekly, humbly but consistently. This is the assignment of all Christians but not one embraced by many Christians.

Those who do obey God are like sheep among wolves when they do it right, and some will suffer for His Name’s sake, even if they pray otherwise!

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