The Choice is Clear, The Decision Costs Everything

Deuteronomy 30.15-18 offers, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to Him, and to keep His commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess. But if your heart turns away and you are not obedient, and if you are drawn away to bow down to other gods and worship them, I declare to you this day that you will certainly be destroyed. You will not live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess.


The Lord has given us His word so that we can know His will. The Maker of everything that is, has come to us, so that we could experience Him and know His will. The Judge of all people from all time, Who is eternal, has given us His Spirit so that we can know Him, and His will, so that when we see Him and are judged by Him, we can enter His courts with praise rather than be dismissed from His presence in condemnation.


His commands are simple. Love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. This makes absolute sense if God exists, that He would require us to love Him. If God exists and He is responsible for creating humanity, then it makes the most sense that He would command us to love one another. All of the evil we are seeing in our world is the result of our failure to choose life: to love God and love our neighbor.


Instead we worship the idol of self, self-will, self-governance, self-desire. We worship the idol of science that has ‘proven’ God does not exist through evolution. We worship the idol of education that dismisses the word of God as irrelevant for our times. What has been the result of removing our God from our lives? Death, chaos, anger, rage, division.


The One True God commands we love Him and love one another and if we do so we will find our relationships joyful and fruitful, our lives will have meaning, purpose and significance and we will face God at judgement and find Him merciful and welcoming. If we continue to ignore the One True God and dismiss His ways found in His Word then we will continue to destroy one another and ourselves, our misery and discontent will increase and when we meet God our destiny will be eternal punishment for He will banish us from His presence forever.


The choice seems simple, easy and clear yet we must humbles ourselves, repent from our wicked ways and turn to God if we are going to make the correct choice.

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