The People of God Must Speak the Word of God Then Leave the Results to God

For Yahweh will not abandon His people, Nor will He forsake His inheritance. For judgment will again be righteous, And all the upright in heart will follow it. Who will arise for Me against evildoers? Who will take his stand for Me against workers of iniquity?” (Psalm 94:14–16 LSB)


Before the end of the world a great conflict will arise between good and evil. The good is defined by God so too the evil. Men who choose God’s side, who obey His word and share God’s truth with those around them, will be hated by men and will suffer at the hands of men who oppose God and His ways just as they opposed God Himself when He lived among us as one of us in Jesus the Savior of the world. Yet the man of God, the true child of God, is promised by God, to be rewarded for his faithfulness to live and share the word of God, to see the Day when the enemies of God are judged and condemned forever. God desires that no one should perish, He takes no delight in the death of anyone, yet everyone must turn to Him in repentance of their evil deeds and humble themselves before the Lord Almighty by confession that they have not walked in His ways but desire to do so forever with the help of His Holy Spirit. Every person must be born again. This faith comes by hearing and this hearing occurs when the word of God is spoken by the people of God. Therefore all the people of God must speak the word of God even as they live faithfully to this word realizing that some will repent and obey God and others will reject this word and in anger punish the child of God who speaks the words of God. The responsibility to share God’s word belongs to God’s people and woe to him who refuses, the responsibility to receive God’s word belongs to everyone person and woe to him who refuses it. God is good, He will reward the faithful and obedient but He will forever punish by casting from His presence forever those who refuse to obey His commands.

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