Truth Seekers Only

John 18:37 declares by God, all who love the truth are my followers.image

What does it mean to love the truth? Or maybe we think, as the first person who heard this statement from Jesus did, what is truth?

One of the numerous things that made Jesus different from other religious figures and is part of the argument for His deity, is that He did not merely teach about truth but claimed Himself to be truth.

‘I am the truth,’ Jesus proclaimed, a bold even arrogant statement indeed if not true itself.

Doesn’t it make sense that if there really is a God that His word and ways would be the true word and ways and that He would want those clearly communicated to His creation?

The enemy of God has long been sowing the seeds of doubt into the minds of humanity the most recent example is our public education system teaching our children there is no absolute truth. Ask your high school or college student if they believe in absolute truth and unless they are truly born again they will likely tell you, ‘no.’

God declares Himself to be True and the source of truth.

Where can we find this truth?

In the Bible God has recorded His words and His ways even His mighty deeds before and after His personal appearance in Jesus the Savior. The Bible tells us of the beginning and the end of humanity and how we are to live between these two periods of our own lives.

We have a choice to make, believe the truth and seek the truth or reject truth and deny God’s truth preferring instead the claims of men.

But if God is real and true, only those who love truth, real truth, will live with Him forever.

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