What is the Purpose of God’s Commands

2 Chronicles 17.4 tells us he sought the God of his father and followed His commands rather than the imagepractices of Israel.

What do you do when the previous administration created chaos, hard times and a smaller economy? The opposite of that administration!

Jehoshaphat watched his father’s kingdom crumble after he turned his back on God. Jehoshaphat resolved to seek God and do what He commands turning his back on the gods and ways of his wicked father. The result was a resounding success personally and for his kingdom.

If there is a God what is His purpose for creating humanity? Every religion except Christianity poorly answers that question. They don’t answer the question well because their gods are selfish, self serving and have no apparent purpose other than their own ego and welfare.

The Christian God invites us to call Him Father. He created humanity for a relationship, an eternal relationship in a kingdom of love, peace and joy.

While the Christian God needs no one to be fulfilled, as a Trinity, His personal experience of love and wholeness within relationship poured itself out into the creation of specific beings who like Him, would know love deeply and personally through relationship.

What is the purpose therefore of God’s commands? The other world religions have to answer that question as a means to please the god, as a means to stroke the god’s ego or to keep from experiencing his displeasure. Certainly it pleases the Christian God when He is obeyed but not because it strokes His ego but because His commands are given for the welfare of the recipient.

The One True God, as Father, commands His children like a loving parent commands their children; for the benefit of the child and not to feed the ego of the parent.

What is the Christian God’s commands? Love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and love one another as we love ourselves. These commands, if obeyed, lead us to joy, peace and wholeness. They are the only commands God could give us that would make obvious His concern for us and indicate His will for our best.

If there is a God doesn’t it make sense He could only be the God described in the Bible, the God of love Who is love and Who demonstrated His love for us in His appearing in Jesus the Lord?

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