What it Means to be Chosen by God

Exodus 19.5-6 describes, the whole Earth is Mine to choose from, but you’re special: a kingdom of priests, a holy nation. This is what I want you to tell the People of Israel.

We all want to be chosen. The more important the person who chooses us the greater the feeling of significance to us. The most important person of all is God. To be chosen by God is the greatest feeling of all.

When this belief is head knowledge it can lead to one of two extremes. It can lead to arrogance which is what the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, and many in our day too, felt. Arrogance makes people haughty, and demonstrate a better than everyone else attitude. Those truly chosen by God are not arrogant but humble, grateful and helpful.

The other attitude that can develop when we believe we are chosen by God but don’t know Him personally is doubt and fear. We are constantly on the look out for Him to prove His love for us, His choice of us, so that we can have our belief affirmed. God doesn’t make it His endeavor to prove Himself to us over and over.

In a healthy marriage, the faithfulness of our partner is believed and assumed, not questioned, doubted and constantly measured. The appropriate response for those who have been truly chosen by God is to love God by living according to His commands.

The adopted children of God are being formed into the character of their Father Who is holy, righteous and good. Holiness is the mark of the people of God. This holiness is seen in purity of word, deed and thought. It is reflected in action by serving, caring and loving everyone without concern to their value, worth or benefit as labeled by the unholy.

God has chosen His people from all the peoples of the world, what an awesome calling. He made His choice by loving sacrifice and humble calling upon our hearts. The chosen ones are to go into all the world as a holy people; loving, serving and sacrificing for the world’s benefit so that they too can see and experience the One True God and likewise become chosen ones.

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