Where Does Evil Come From?

“Will you really nullify My judgment? Will you condemn Me so that you may be justified?” Job 40:8 NASB2020. https://bible.com/bible/2692/job.40.8.NASB2020


The universal question of man, the question every religion, every philosophy seeks to answer, is why is there evil in the world? The Bible answers that question clearly and precisely. When bad things happen in our lives we tend to blame God. Our view of His sovereignty, His power to do anything and everything, because we understand the meaning of the word God is to be sovereign over all, causes us to blame Him for the bad and to seek Him for the good. No matter how people have lived before God previously, when life is extremely hard, they look up to God for answers and help. When God doesn’t move as we desire we blame Him for the problem, we seek to hold God accountable for the problem so that we may be innocent. This is wrong and demonstrates our ignorance of God and of the world in which we live. Evil comes from one of four places. Evil is that which God condemns or a distortion of how God created things to be. Evil is in our human DNA, we are born sinful which is evil in that evil is the doing and being of all things against the will and ways of God. Asthma is evil, any birth defect, not that we have been afflicted but that we are not born in perfection as we were created originally. God made us to live forever, now we die, a result of our rebellion against Him, this is the inherent evil that lies within us. Evil comes from others to us, who are also born sinful, either intentionally or unintentionally. The drunk driver and the murderer both bring evil into our lives though their intentions were markedly different. Evil exists in nature. Earthquakes, floods, etc. are all results of the world itself in rebellion against God awaiting too its recreation when it shall be as it was originally intended, a good servant of humanity. Finally, God has an enemy, satan and his cohorts, who inflict pain upon men whom they seek to kill and destroy. Why doesn’t God stop all of this? He will, one day. But until that day, evil is to drive us toward His goodness, His future promise, His past work done for us to reconcile us to Himself so that we can experience Him now and see Him and all His goodness later in a world where men and earth are fully restored and no evil exists at all.


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