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A Better America Awaits When A More Obedient Church Arises.

“A lion has gone up from his thicket; a destroyer of nations has set out. He has left his lair to make your land a waste. Your cities will be reduced to uninhabited ruins. Because of this, put on sackcloth; mourn and wail, for the Lord’s burning anger has not turned away from us. Your way and your actions have brought this on you. This is your punishment. It is very bitter, because it has reached your heart! Disaster after disaster is reported because the whole land is destroyed. Suddenly my tents are destroyed, my tent curtains, in a moment.” Jeremiah 4:7-8, 18, 20 CSB


It is impossible to read the prophets and not see their description of fallen Israel, synonymous with fallen America. No, we are not the new Israel, but we were founded by people who loved God and came here to worship Him freely despite what is taught in our schools today. A further demonstration of how far we have fallen. Christianity influenced every sector of society our first one hundred and fifty years, just as paganism, evil, pride, arrogance, and greed have influenced these last one hundred years. Our headlines are filled with evil doings from foreigners who run amok in our land to corruption unprecedented by our officials from the left and from the right. We suffer the lack of peace, the lack of finances, and the lack of joy as a result. The solution is for the Church to return to its God just as the prophets called Israel to return to their God. The Church is the leaven God gave to influence the entire dough of culture. The Church must cease compromising in life and fearing in word the culture. The Church must cease loving money more than God, fearing loss of income more than the loss of the Spirit, Who has arguably already made Himself increasingly more distant to a Church uninterested in lifting up Jesus in society so that all people can be drawn to Him as Savior. A better America awaits when a more obedient Church arises.


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