God vs Religion

Matthew 11:28 records an invitation to wear My yoke—for it fits perfectly—and let me teach you; for I give you onlyimage light burdens.

Christianity teaches religion is hard but God is easy.

When God lived with us as a fellow human His problem was with the way people were doing religion not with people in general. God’s really not very impressed with religion but He is all about relationship both with Himself and in our relations with each other.

People have always been religious but have always struggled with relationship. It is far easier to go to a building once a week than love God hour by hour. It is far easier to skip certain foods than it is to think well of everyone we meet throughout our day.

Religion never measures the heart or our mind but only our actions. God measures our actions by our motive and the thinking behind our action.

This makes the most sense if there really is a God for if there really is a God then He should know our true motives and our deepest thoughts.

What does God require of us then if not religious observance and duty?

Love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as we love our self. Quite simple really but extremely difficult when I add to my actions the motives and thinking behind those actions.

Loving God is easy, a light burden really, just do what He says is pleasing to Him. What is that?

Honoring our parents and the aged, not lying to each other, not stealing from each other whether another man’s spouse or his stuff or his life. Worshipping God first and most with our hearts, mind, abilities and treasures through praise, giving and serving. Not complicated but the antithesis of my heart and mind.

Inside I am angry, proud, lustful, boastful, vengeful, selfish and self aggrandizing. I seek my pleasure more than God’s purpose. I scrounge for that which I hope will fulfill rather than trusting in God and being secure in His love.

God in Jesus said the only way I can live life connected to Him where I experience true freedom and the lightness of His burdens is to deny myself by dying to myself and embracing Him as my first love and greatest delight.

Until I lose myself in God’s love I will continue to do religious works in order to appease a god who is unappeasable while the One True God asks nothing more from me but my love and devotion.

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