Living Like Jesus Is Not Being Religious

Receiving sacrifices and offerings are not your primary concern. You make that quite clear to me! You do not ask for burnt sacrifices and sin offerings…..I want to do what pleases you, my God. Your law dominates my thoughts.” I have told the great assembly about your justice. Look! I spare no words! O Lord, you know this is true.” Psalms 40:6, 8-9 NET


The One True God, Who initiated contact with people from creation to the cross and remains at work among humanity by His Spirit, is not about religion but about a relationship. All man-made religions have various performance requirements that deceive people into thinking these acts pacify God. But the One True God is not appeased by religious activity. The One True God requires all people to love Him with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength, demonstrated by their obedience to His word, which can be summarized as loving our neighbor as ourselves, best expressed by inviting them into a relationship with God through Jesus the Savior. The Great Commission is the mission of every Christian in adherence to the Great Commandment. Religion is not required. The religious leaders killed God in man for His lack of religiosity and blasphemy for claiming to be God the Savior. Jesus, Who is God Himself, lived and spoke in violation of the religious practices of the leaders of His day though He lived in perfect obedience to the will and word of God, His Father. He loved God, demonstrated through His obedience to God, culminating in His sacrifice for the salvation of all people. We are to live as Jesus did, loving God shown by obedience to God, culminating in sharing the love of God in Jesus with our neighbor until all people become obedient followers of Jesus.

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