Seeing More Of God’s Power In The World

“Many of those who had believed came forward, confessing and making their deeds known…..In this way the word of the Lord continued to grow in power and to prevail.” Acts 19:18, 20 NET


In what way did the word of the Lord grow in power and prevail? Isn’t this a dire need of the church and world today? Is the word of God growing in power and prevailing? What would that look like? Like Ephesus, it would include people believing God’s word as true and changing their lives by following God’s commands. The people of Ephesus, the church there, caused the word of God to grow in power and prevail in their society by confessing their sins, repenting from their evil deeds, and forming together to learn and obey Jesus. Practical and straightforward and possible for us to duplicate today. Have we who believe in Jesus the Savior publicly confessed and renounced our sins against God? Do our lives exemplify a turning away from the lifestyle that displeases God but which most of our society follows? Are our minds filled with God’s word and His truth so that we continue to believe in Him and refute the lies this world purports to explain for how we are to live? Are we working diligently to see the power of God’s word expand by presenting the truth of His word to ever-increasing numbers? Are we encouraging the church toward greater obedience to God’s ways so that the ways of God recorded in the word of God prevail over the culture’s lies and ways of living in this world? If we would see greater evidence of God’s power and presence in our world, we must work harder at living according to God’s ways and helping more and more people do the same.


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