Talking To Others Can Be Difficult

“The one who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps his life from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23 NET


I can attest to the opposite truth of this verse. The one who says whatever he thinks brings trouble upon himself, and many are his enemies. My mouth has made many angry with me, scorn me, and alienated many away. The difficulty is that speaking to others is our words and how we say them. Both require guarding and wisdom, for both can hurt the man who lacks discretion in what he says. I have often been told I speak the truth, but I do so without love. The words are correct but not the delivery. This has hurt me as much as saying the wrong words. It is difficult to balance truth and reality that needs to be spoken to those going in a harmful direction and letting go allowing people to make their own decisions regardless of the consequences. This is especially difficult in our parenting, for we want our children to grow up wise and healthy, and our job is to train them in the way they should go. Regardless of our words or delivery, sometimes they will not be received, like the toddler hearing ‘no’ for more candy though the parent speaks the words lovingly and for their good. Nevertheless, fewer words are no doubt the wisest. People are less interested in truth and more interested in choosing their way. God gives us His word, but we must pursue it to hear Him. Otherwise, He allows us to go about our way letting appropriate consequences befall us as they will. One day He will hold us accountable for every word we have spoken and to every word He has spoken, but until then, the Lord is not yelling at us for how we talk to others. But our neighbor might.

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