Luke 1.35 proclaims the child to be born will be called the Son of God.images

Christmas is the Christian holiday of celebrating the arrival of God to earth as a man in order to become the human sacrifice for God.

The original sin, and all sin since then, can be boiled down to the single issue of man wants to be god. Our anger is a direct reflection of this inherent bent for our angry feelings reflect our unhappiness with the fact that all is not going according to our sovereign will.

Buddhism, Hinduism and Mormonism all have as their end game the divinity of their adherents if they are faithful to follow their religious teachings. This is the ultimate expression of that inherent desire to be god; the all controlling, all powerful, all worshiped, all adhered to, all envied being we wish we would become.

While religion, even atheism, is the attempt for men to become god or live as god, Christianity is the story of God becoming man. The ultimate in humility is for the Creator to become the created.

No other religion on the planet has ever told its story of God becoming man in order to sacrifice Himself for men. Certainly the Greeks had gods who became human, as do the Hindus, but these gods do so to use, confuse and abuse us weaker human beings.

The Christian God did not come to be served but to serve by giving His life as a ransom for all those who love His appearing.

Christmas is the Christian celebration of God entering the world as a human, a humble and vulnerable baby, in order to become the perfect sacrifice necessary to satisfy the justice of God and cover the evils of all humanity committed from all time.

God has become man is unique and good news for all of humanity for it demonstrates His great love for His Creation and His tremendous compassion for our broken situation.

All is not right in the world today because people still pursue being god but since God has come all will one day be set right when God as a Man reigns and rules humanity forever from His love and goodness on the new earth.

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