We Are Intentionally Chosen By God

Now Jesus went up the mountain and called for those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve (whom he named apostles), so that they would be with him and he could send them to preach” Mark 3:13-14 NET https://bible.com/bible/107/mrk.3.13-14.NET


Is the calling of the Apostles our calling? Has Jesus initiated contact with us to reconcile us to Himself, or did we initiate contact with God and seek Him first? The Scripture seems clear: God initiates the relationship with us. For what purpose? To have a relationship with Him, draw near and be with Him. Why? Because God wants us. God made us and sees us as His wayward children. He longs to restore a holy relationship filled with love, joy, and peace to His family. For what purpose has He chosen us and blessed us with a personal relationship with Him? So that we can reveal Him to others more fully, others He has been working to warm to the gospel’s message, which can save their eternal souls from the fires of hell. The people of God who love Him must seek always to be with Him in Spirit and truth. This is accomplished by maintaining contact with the Scripture, the source of the Spirit’s power in us for working in and through our lives. Obedience to that Scripture empowered by the Holy Spirit keeps us close to God our Savior for then we are like Him and can hear from Him and do His will on earth as it is in heaven. This will is for all of us to make disciples, to teach everyone to obey everything Jesus has commanded, beginning with the need for repentance from ignoring God and disobeying God to loving God and obeying Him, duplicating the life of Jesus in the world, even as we model such a life ourselves.

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